MANIFEST (zine): Lexicon Zoom

Three Chairs Publishing

Zoom in…we are so myopic, aren’t we? What we see, how we interpret it, what we allow to be our singular understanding of something that can and usually does have different meanings for different people. Zoom out…we are all the same and all a part of each other. “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe,” wrote John Muir. With that in mind, please come explore LEXICON ZOOM.

INGREDIENTS: acrylic paints, appropriation art, collaged elements, color copies, color scans, colored markers, ephemera, essays, Golden gel medium, hand-drawn fonts, ink jet copies, laser prints, mixed-media collage, and rubber stamp art. With Special Appearance by: Wonder Woman, H.G. Peter, Istvan Banyai, Carl Sagan, John Muir, Micah Kanters, Lena Dunham, Erik Pevernagie, Steve Trevor (look closely), Erich von Daniken, Georges Melies, Clile C. Allen, Gloria Swanson, John Hilliard, the Brady Bunch, the…

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