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“I’ve been hugging your wonderful book to myself, sipping and savoring it, and never letting you know just how wonderful it is. It brings me into another place.”

- Judith Bruder, writer

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LOOK UP! Musings on the
Nature of Mindfulness
288 pages, 5×7, 100 Color Photos
Index, Bibliography
Price: $24.95

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In which Alice falls and we wonder…


Could she ever imagine this Adventure? In those love-dormant dreams, could she fathom what would become of her lost little heart waiting for the likes of him to take her someplace different? Did she stare into that Looking Glass in shock and disbelief, the whisper of wings at her back. Were they flying pigs or angels?

Words & Image ©2014, Jen Payne

Where the Words Went



Isn’t it funny…

I have no words now.


There’s no poetry

wandering in my brain,

no unsaid things

to wrap in pretty prose

for your affection.

You’re here

and I’m spending them wisely

on late night calls

and morning missives,

winding conversations

and this journey just begun.

WORDS: Jen Payne, ©2014
IMAGE: Quiet pond in the park of Appeal, Gustav Klimt

Discover the Magic of Nature: Just in Time for the Holidays!


Offered as an antidote to the fast pace of our lives and the toll it takes on our minds and spirits, LOOK UP! Musings on the Nature of Mindfulness is a clarion call to get up and get out — to look up from our work, our distractions, our routines — and to find our way back to the simple pleasure of being in Nature.

- – – – -

“LOOK UP! asks us to pause for a time, look around us
and breathe 
in all the magic in our world. This is a book
to keep close by and re-read again and again.”

- Margaret Iacobellis, Poet/Writer

- – – – -

Written by writer and poet Jen Payne, LOOK UP! includes 75 essays and poems, 100 original, color photos of the woods and shoreline of Connecticut, and quotations by philosophers, poets, naturalists, and treasured writers.

LOOK UP! Musings on the Nature of Mindfulness
288 pages, 5×7, 100 Color Photos
Index, Bibliography
ISBN: 978-0-9905651-0-9

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On Thanksgiving


There is a bittersweetness about this day
So much for which to be grateful.

so very much

Heads bowed, we call out thanks
enumerate for gods and kin:

…..the gift of a full and prosperous year
…..the conversation of beloved friends
…..the meeting of kindred spirits
…..the wonder of natural spaces
…..the beauty of the sunrise
…..the joy of a child
…..love, laughter, hope

So beautiful…….but transient


How other to reconcile
this changing river beneath my feet—
this knowing
…..of time passing
…..of fleeting gifts
than to feel
so divinely blessed
it makes me weep?

Woman Praying, Vincent van Gogh

Reading Repentance


He says he’s a slow reader, and I envy his time to savor words.

I have been skimming for months now.

Careening through stories and carefully-chosen observations

gives no respect to these masters of their craft.

I apologize.

Squinting to see phrases through tired glasses —

even they have exhausted their patience with this pace.

Oh the glory of that waltz of words — now allegro! now presto!

I will take you to bed and stay there for days —

Henry, May, Alice, Michael.

What will the neighbors say?

WORDS: ©2014, Jen Payne
IMAGE: Woman Reading, Will Barnet, 1970