In January, Resolution. In July, Refresh.

July, the midway point in the year, a birthday…and the final bend in my first half-century on the planet. A good time to re-evaluate, set down some new intentions, refine the vision (board). What we see? The more things change, the more they stay the same. Self-improvement and home improvement. Travel. All things writing and... Continue Reading →

hope is the thing with feathers

You may recall, a while ago, I wrote about how I created a vision board, how a quote founds its way into my sightline… You’ve got to jump off cliffs
 all the time and build
 your wings on the way down. …and how suddenly, feathers were appearing at every step. Feathers continue to appear —... Continue Reading →

Building Wings

One of my favorite blogs is a Tumbler blog by poet Shinji Moon called The Cinnamon Peeler’s Wife. With the same beauty and rich sensuality as its namesake poem by Michael Ondaatje, Shinji’s thoughts and writings speak to the very depths of my soul. In recent months, her blog has inspired me to write poetry,... Continue Reading →

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