When It Comes Around Again

It was one of my first major life lessons, from one of my first mentors. Her name was Janet, and she said to me: “The Universe is trying to teach you something.” At the time, I was caught in a vortex of situations that were all very similar in nature. People were unhappy, people were […]

in which the universe gives me a reading assignment

I was sitting on the couch with a friend Saturday night, when something caught my eye. My bookcase is tucked into a little nook in the corner of the living room, and I see it every day, but for some reason something seemed different. I had rearranged the bookshelves a year or so ago, and […]

Nothing to debate about.

“It’s beautiful no matter what, isn’t it?” the woman spoke quietly as she and her old Springer spaniel passed me on the trolley bridge. She caught me snapping photos of the harbor in the middle of a late-afternoon drizzle. The scene looked to be painted entirely of Payne’s Grey and Antwerp Blue—a pale watercolor landscape […]

*With the Current

“We must use whatever methods we can to understand the movement of the universe around us and time our actions so that we are not fighting the currents, but moving with them.” — Arthur Golden • • • Photo by Jen Payne, 8.04.10