Sunday: Day of Rest

We have not come for attractions or events. There is no itinerary or list of things to do. Neither of us has searched websites, bought travel guides, or read brochures. What we seek cannot be bought, read or planned. It must simply be allowed. Rest. By week’s end we will enjoy 8 hours of sleep […]

Saturday: The Start of Something Good

With a long expanse of days ahead and no agenda, we get an early start. Car packed, provisions from the farmer’s market, coffee at the ready — it’s time for a 300-mile drive south to the coast. The view is familiar, this front row seat of highway — how many times have we traveled like […]

Friday: Pushing Time

I am pushing time today. First bearing its patience while I finish packing, check lights and locks, search for keys. Search for time lost. Slow it down so I get where I need to be by 6. Speed it up, so I get where I want to be by 11: Austin. 60 miles to the […]

At My Funeral

When I die… Do not read Psalms 23. (When the priest asked what he should read at my father’s funeral, it was the only thing I remembered, but found no comfort from it.) I always think we should have played Three Dog Night’s Joy to the World. Dad would have liked that. So sing! Go […]

My Heart is in Texas

From the moment I set foot in Texas, some ten years ago now, she has held a special place in my heart. There is something about the scent of her air, the vast expanse of her sky, the beauty of her unending land. John Steinbeck once wrote, “Texas is a state of mind. Texas is […]

*Snapshots: Marfa

There’s always a moment, when I come back from my travels that I think: “I forgot to get a souvenir from the trip!” And then I remember: the photos! There are always photos…

Standing on Art (and Principle)

Standing on Carl Andre, copper squares Located on 340 acres in Marfa, Texas, the Chinati Foundation is a contemporary art museum housed in the buildings of a former military compound. It was founded by artist Donald Judd with the intention of preserving and presenting large-scale installations, with an emphasis on linking art and its surrounding […]