What Happened To Hello?

I was at a store the other day, bringing my purchases to the check-out. The woman behind the register was busy discussing her schedule with the manager standing next to her. She continued her conversation while she scanned my items, put them in a bag, pressed some buttons, and handed me the receipt. She continued... Continue Reading →


About a year ago, my dear and trusted little point-and-shoot camera broke. Not totally broke, but damaged in such a way that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Given the rapid evolution of technology, I suppose my 11-year-old camera should have been put out to pasture long ago, but it’s a sweet thing that’s... Continue Reading →

Leaving Everywhereness

There’s a commercial on television for Facebook’s new mobile feature that shows a woman visiting a museum. Her cell phone beeps and the photo she receives replaces the framed Birth of Venus in front of her. It beeps again, and the statue she walks by turns into a replica of her friend. When it beeps... Continue Reading →

Technology or Cheese: You Decide

In a recent commencement address, President Obama noted that with technology, "information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation.” On the same day I read that, I saw this post on Jennifer Louden’s blog Comfort Queen: “For a few years now,... Continue Reading →

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