How easily you write of changing seasons, life grown from death. Circle of Life, you pontificate during Sunday service in wooded cathedral where summer genuflects, jewel weed and wild grapes stand at the Crossing. Everything is flowing, God whispers. How foolish are you to resist?   Words and Photo: ©2015, Jen Payne

Time Traveler

He arrives across this wasteland of time in accelerated motion      lights      moving      swiftly like Roddenberry’s hallucinations. Resistance is futile in the face of such memory, as this time traveler pulls strings of moments from gray matter string theory:           we are all connected As he is to me, I am to him and to you and his by threads... Continue Reading →

Spatial Anomaly

“Have you had a gunshot wound?” “Do you have metal pins, screws, plates or staples?” “Have you been fitted with artificial limbs?” It could be worse, I think to myself as I check the boxes: No, No, No. On the way to Yale’s MRI Center we passed the Smilow Cancer Center and I think: it... Continue Reading →

Making It So

“Make it so,” is the often-heard directive from Captain Jean Luc Picard on the Star Trek series The Next Generation, and I am more and more inclined to make it my own. This week marks my 45th anniversary here on planet Earth. If you’re anywhere near my age, you know this feeling: things are beginning... Continue Reading →

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