Lessons in Snow

By midday on Friday, the impending blizzard had been teasing us with feather-soft snow for hours, luring us into a false but hopeful sense that this is all it had to offer. But the weather reports were grim; even the independent, non-apocalyptic forecasts were ominous. I was as prepared as I could be: the battery […]

Snow from Windows

There is no traffic on the busy road outside my house, it’s barely plowed to one lane. I can no more move mountains than I can the drift of snow that extends from here to there anyway. The ache in my back reminds me that I did shovel yesterday, though the 2″ wide swath is […]

And Then It Snowed

FOR 24 HOURS One might wonder where one begins. So did I. But the answer is age-old… Step by step. Stay safe folks.  xoxo, Jen