Uncharted Territory

Mermaids. Lovers Island. Gull Rocks. Umbrella Islands. Sounds enchanting, doesn’t it? I have been here before. On white-knuckle rides with wakes that crash onto shores and startle gulls. There is no romance to rocks at that speed. But we took a slower pace, me and this man who breathes water like I breathe air. As... Continue Reading →

A Big Fan

In the front bedroom of the house my Grandmother owned from the time her husband was killed in Okinawa until her own death in 1998, there was a fan. It was large window fan, stalwart like her, with a six inch rubber belt wound around two pulleys, the partnering of which turned the giant steel... Continue Reading →

Sitting with Dragonflies

FOR MADDIE Originally Published November 2010   On Saturday, a friend posted the following on his Facebook page: “Tired today. Plan on doing NOTHING!” Two hours later, a new post appeared: “OK, so ‘nothing’ didn't last long...kitchen is cleaned top to bottom and I'm on my 2nd load of laundry and off to clean the... Continue Reading →

This Reflection

Nose job, face lift, and breast enhancements complete, the patient beams at her plastic surgeon and proclaims, "I finally got self-confidence." Funny, it took me ten years of therapy to "get" mine. It took even longer to gracefully accept the tummy that never goes away and the nose of which I've never been quite fond.... Continue Reading →

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