That’s Not What God Means

This summer, a Baptist church in Mississippi refused to marry a couple because they were black. In Vermont, a 7-year old girl was kidnapped and protected by Evangelical groups for three years because she was living with her lesbian mother. Thousands of people, in the name of their god, ate at a popular chain restaurant […]

Asking for Directions: Part 2

“Where do you want me to go? What do you want me to do next?” I ask the Universe. “Stop being afraid and shut up,” She tells me. It’s “shut up” in a kind way, don’t get me wrong. (She sounds Yiddish, actually.) And I know what She means. Even I get tired of the […]

Asking for Directions: Part 1

When I was young I would pray for silly things: that I could stay up late to watch TV, that we would have pancakes for breakfast. I also prayed a lot for boys—make him love me, make him not leave. I prayed for world peace, because that’s what you did. And I prayed for my […]

Losing My Religion

“Dad’s not there,” my sister responded adamantly, when I suggested we go back to the cemetery the night of his funeral. I don’t know how, or if she’d found such clarity about it. I was four years older with five years of therapy under my belt, and I couldn’t say much of anything with clarity. […]