6 Years? You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

The first therapist I worked with loved to torment me with moments of silence. I say torment because, for many of us, sitting with that kind of Nothingness is difficult. We immediately want to fill Nothingness up—with Busyness or Somethingness or Stuffness. We like to fill Nothingness up with cookies! Cookies or cigarettes, alcohol, television,... Continue Reading →


It’s hard to believe it has been FIVE YEARS since I quit smoking. Five years, today! It ranks in the Top Five of my proudest accomplishments, sharing space with starting a business, buying a house, visiting France, and writing a book. It is that big. It is that big because it was not just about... Continue Reading →

Releasing the Need For

Four years ago today, I stopped smoking. Four years ago today, smoking became the thing I would no longer do. It was not about quitting. It was not about depriving myself. It was not even about becoming healthy, really. It was all about letting go. Letting go, at first, of the chemical need. Letting go... Continue Reading →

One Day at a Time

Today I am celebrating 3 years of not smoking. At the beginning, the idea of not having a cigarette to manage, cope with, enjoy, celebrate or otherwise make my way through life was daunting. Terrifying. In the end, there was only way to do it: day by day. And so day by day I… sent... Continue Reading →

a CELEBRATION and some statistics

Today I am celebrating 2 years of not smoking! That’s 730 days, or 14,600 cigarettes. I have saved approximately $6,000, and 1,217 hours. I have gained probably 20 pounds...maybe 30... but I haven’t looked at a scale in 2 years. The nicotine-free curves are small consequence. because… 20 minutes after quitting, my heart rate dropped... Continue Reading →

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