Uncharted Territory

Mermaids. Lovers Island. Gull Rocks. Umbrella Islands. Sounds enchanting, doesn’t it? I have been here before. On white-knuckle rides with wakes that crash onto shores and startle gulls. There is no romance to rocks at that speed. But we took a slower pace, me and this man who breathes water like I breathe air. As... Continue Reading →

A Big Fan

In the front bedroom of the house my Grandmother owned from the time her husband was killed in Okinawa until her own death in 1998, there was a fan. It was large window fan, stalwart like her, with a six inch rubber belt wound around two pulleys, the partnering of which turned the giant steel... Continue Reading →

Donut Girl

In Honor of National Doughnut Day For sure there is a story to tell, of late night clichés and coffee-stained romances there behind the counter of the midnight doughnut shop. She had written them in situ, on journal pages stained with raspberry-pink jelly: the dashing pirate, the rookie cop, the old war vet with a... Continue Reading →

Sitting with Dragonflies

FOR MADDIE Originally Published November 2010   On Saturday, a friend posted the following on his Facebook page: “Tired today. Plan on doing NOTHING!” Two hours later, a new post appeared: “OK, so ‘nothing’ didn't last long...kitchen is cleaned top to bottom and I'm on my 2nd load of laundry and off to clean the... Continue Reading →

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