Valentine [3]

The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love. — William Sloane Coffin • • • Photo ©2012, Jen Payne – Paris, France

France on Fridays: Revenez à Paris, Le Jour Final

LES DEUX AMIS EN FRANCE Return to Paris: The Final Day • Tuesday, June 14 In the morning, DeLinda and I quietly gather our things, return the rental car, and walk to the train station. Our road trip complete, we make our way via high speed Eurorail from Annecy four hours back to Paris. The […]

France on Fridays: Le Voyage de la Route!

LES DEUX AMIS EN FRANCE Road Trip! • Tuesday, June 6 In the morning, we gather our things, say goodbye to our petite chambre, and enjoy our final breakfast at Hôtel Rochambeau. We wait patiently, then, in the lobby for our taxi. Some 45 minutes later, it arrives and the driver not-so-kindly tosses our luggage […]

France on Fridays: Plus Escaliers et Alors Nous Arrêtons

LES DEUX AMIS EN FRANCE More Steps and then We Stop • Monday, June 5 It is hard to hide the weariness from each other as we make our way to breakfast in the morning. Thankfully, we are good traveling companions. We get each other and move in similar rhythm; we are both tired, we […]

France on Fridays: Escalier au Ciel

LES DEUX AMIS EN FRANCE Stairway to Heaven • Sunday, June 4 In a city with one of the most famous cathedrals in the world, where do you go on Sunday morning? Mass at Notre Dame, bien sur! Leaving the hotel, DeLinda and I walk the now-familiar streetscape, winding past the shops and cafés we’ve […]

France on Fridays: À Travers La Ville

LES DEUX AMIS EN FRANCE Across the City • Friday, June 2 This will be our first full day in Paris, and the morning greets us as if we are the city’s favorite guests. Bright sun pours through the thick brocade curtains to wake us from our much-needed 10 hours of sleep. The sky is […]