At Year’s End…

At the end of a session of yoga, you make your way to a pose called Shavasana, which comes from the Sanskit words Shava (corpse) and Asana (posture). Corpse pose. The intention of Shavasana, the ritual closing of any yoga session, is to allow your body to regroup and reset itself. Perhaps that explains my... Continue Reading →

2014: GO!

If you talk to me this time of year, or read my blog posts, you would think I am super zealous about New Year’s Resolutions. That I have an endless list of self-improvement tasks to make me a better human being. And while I do select one thing I would like to accomplish each year…... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Considerations

Things to consider at the start of a new year, with love and good wishes for a joyful and peaceful journey. Pray Meditate Be aware/Stay awake Bow Practice yoga Feel Chant and sing Breathe and smile Relax/Enjoy/Laugh/Play Create/Envision Let Go/Forgive/Accept Walk/Exercise/Move Work/Serve/Contribute Listen/Learn/Enquire Consider/Reflect Cultivate oneself/Enhance competencies Cultivate contentment Cultivate flexibility Cultivate friendship and collaboration... Continue Reading →

A New Year Approaches

This time of year always sets me to thinking: what will I change? what can I do better? what do I want to accomplish? I look for signs. The meaning of a horoscope. A reading from an intuitive. A message from the angels. Words and symbols that cross my path. There are a lot this... Continue Reading →


So, here we are, troops. Nineteen days into the new year and it still feels like the old year. Somehow, in my resolve not to resolve, and despite my stealth pass at New Year’s intentions, I’ve been subverted. My intent is AWOL. Maybe that’s a good thing? Maybe it means I’m pacified. Not needing to... Continue Reading →

On the Eve of a New Year

It is that time of year we find ourselves thinking of the year ahead. Perhaps, too, of the year we’re leaving. What have I accomplished? What have I not? Where did I succeed? Where did I falter? Was I true to my intentions? Must I find resolve again? It’s been many years since I set... Continue Reading →

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