Mind Your Busy-ness

“We are compelled to read for profit, to have parties for contacts, go to lunch for contracts, play for therapy, drive to get there, gamble for charity, go out to rebuild the community, stay home to rebuild the house. Our leisure hours are as frantic and busy as our work hours and therefore as meaningless – meaningless enough to drive some of us to drink, some of to the hospital, and all of us to the beck and call of the marketplace.” – Father William McNamara, Contemplative Practices


“We can learn so much from kids. We can learn how to be patient, how to forgive, how to move on, how to be present.” – Novak Djokovic

BOOK REVIEW by Juliana Lightle

Evidence of Flossing: What We Leave Behind provides an unexpected metaphor for individual life, culture, and so much more. Nearly all the poems are accompanied with a photograph, often of trash in which lays a dental flosser (yes, one of those instruments with which you floss your teeth) with date and location. Flossing is supposed to prevent anything from being left behind. Hence, the title brings up an unusual play on words.” – Juliana Lightle