Yoga Week Four: Still There is Joy

It is a morning of distractions. We arrive at class in 35-degree temperatures, a sure change from the 70s we enjoyed just a few days ago. To exacerbate the issue, the news stations are embellishing the impending snowstorm with dire predictions. The landscape workers are weeding and chopping and leaf-blowing and mowing — right outside […]

Bare Witness

He arrives at the climax of phase one, phase two, phase three… (I’ve lost count) …in this midlife transition. Here, midway, where wreckage of past battles accumulate, validate, necessitate some evolution. He bears witness as I spit and piss and vomit remains of old life, old thought, old attachment. Holds my hair back and reminds […]

Yoga Week Three: Applying Stillness

“Find the stillness,” my yoga instructor says at the end of class. “Find the stillness,” she repeats quietly, as I lie down on my mat, stretch out my legs and toes, hands and fingers — palms up, eyes closed. Savasana she whispers the Sanskrit name for this pose as I breathe in breathe out “Find […]

Yoga Week Two: When Yoga is Only Part of the Big Picture

“Take the antibiotics and get some rest,” the young intern told me. “Take it easy,” said the couple of friends who checked in on me every day. “No worries. Take care and see you next week,” my yoga instructor emailed. I was looking for permission to go to my second yoga class all week. Surely […]

Yoga Week One: It Will Come

yo-ga noun /ˈyōgə/
 A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation On Friday, I attended week one of a six-week Gentle Yoga class being offered at a local women’s center. I was apprehensive — the […]

Wake me up when September

On Friday, I took the opportunity of a beautiful, early September evening to enjoy a walk along the shore in my neighborhood. It’s a different time of day for me, as I am often awake before the sun and asleep before it fully leaves the sky. I could feel the waning warmth of the day, […]

In the Analogy Where Bull = Change

Take the bull by the horns. We’ve all heard that before — meaning to deal with something in a direct manner or to confront a difficulty rather than avoid it. While it may sound like a modern, American-esque idiom, it traces its roots as far back at the 18th and 19th centuries. Scottish writer Sir […]