The Compression of Time

Lifetimes lived in seconds on a never-ending clock. Timewarp through faces and moments — first kiss, leaving home, finding love, losing friends, building life — the wild ways unfold… kiss home love loss life kiss home love loss life kiss home love loss life So fleeting. Memories overlap now as the years compound. I hear... Continue Reading →

The Tenacity of Inspiration

Tell me! Tell me! Where do stories come from? How do they suddenly appear like this? Rattling doors and windows, demanding to be let in — this storm surge of memory — Tell me! Tell me! It’s my turn now! Like a petulant child, stomping her feet — dogged and determined — she must get... Continue Reading →

Losing Face

I don’t know that face, even though it seeped into my skin lives ago and peers out at me often through curtains of dreams. How can it be I don’t know you anymore? • • • ©2013, Jen Payne IMAGE: The Face of Genius, Rene Magritte

Sensory Memory

The cracker in cellophane from the diner tastes like age eleven, and I think of her— “Grammy” — sitting next to me dunking Saltines into Salada tea with milk and sugar. I hear the chirp of her hearing aid, smell Vicks and Vasoline, feel the softness of her cheek against my lips. • • •... Continue Reading →

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