So Close I Almost Missed It [smile]

I was going to pull together a blog post today about the message the Universe was sending my way. Something that connected a meditation on our innate talent, making connections on my mid-day walk in the woods, and witnessing the red shouldered hawk in my back yard. But then I tripped on these…a happy accident? […]

Seeing Things

Long before I found the courage to wander in the woods alone, Lynda was walking in the woods. When we meet up, usually over random piles of paper at the local print shop, she is always excited to show me her recent photos—the ones she takes on her long walks along hidden paths in local […]

An Eastern Meditation?

This weekend, a stop at the local organic farm yielded some yummy late summer treats: cucumbers, swiss chard, green beans, a miniature watermelon, and two small heads of cabbage. The afternoon was dry and 70-degrees with just enough of a breeze to appease my summer-weary spirit, and I could not resist a chance to visit […]

Divine Assistance

I was walking with a burden this week. No bigger or smaller than anyone else’s, it was just a burden. The kind that takes up residence sometimes and refuses to leave. So on Sunday, I asked the Universe for help—“Help me find peace with this,” I said out loud as I made my way along […]

a standing meditation

What am I wading for? What am I waiting for? What am I wading for? What am I waiting for? What am I wading for? What am I waiting for? Jump in! • • • ©2012, Jen Payne


There are some meditations that cooperate, and some that just won’t. There are some days I set foot into the woods and my thoughts slough away effortlessly. And there are days when the thoughts wrap around me like a boa, constricting my breath and my pace as I walk along the path. On days like […]