how do we change? accommodate? make room? or rooms? is there even room? is this space infinite or finite? can we build additions into which we pour new foundations? or rest on settlements of stone and suffering? beings of air and light are never fixed, love even the ground shifts beneath our feet

Open Heart

Surgeons call it scar tissue – the telltale sign of damage and repair. It is what remains when we have been hurt and healed. It is the something left behind. My journey began there, about a year ago, with scar tissue that had been carefully woven over time and was sitting heavily across my heart. […]

a meditation on rocks

On the fourth day, half-way down the shore of my favorite beach, I felt my shoulders loosen and my head clear. It was a slow and quiet meditation on rocks that did it, and this was my reward…


My Dad was a chemical engineer and a big proponent of education. So, when my seventh grade science class was studying the chemical elements, he thought it would be a great idea to do a show-and-tell like experiment for class. (And we wonder why I ended up a little geeky?) The experiment involved a filter, […]