Wildflower Week: Trout Lily

Trout Lilies by Mary Oliver It happened I couldn’t find in all my books more than a picture and a few words concerning the trout lily, so I shut my eyes, And let the darkness come in and roll me back. The old creek began to sing in my ears as it rolled along, like […]

Sweet Discoveries

Perhaps my favorite thing about this blogging life is the chance to discover sweet new things — like some migrant flower taking refuge beneath familiar leaves in the garden. Today, for example, some photos from my own garden led me to this poem by Mary Oliver. Enjoy! – – – – – Peonies by Mary […]

The Geese Aren’t Decorating Trees

When I walk in the woods, I understand things. There is a natural rhythm to everything around me — birth, life, death, seasons. Being in nature resonates with me — it connects me to this world and this life in a way nothing else does, save for my writing. And so, when I get stuck, […]