anyway the wind blows

“Everything matters more than we think it does, and, at the same time, nothing matters so much as we think it does. The merest spark may set all Europe in a blaze, but though all Europe be set in a blaze twenty times over, the world will wag itself right again.” — Samuel Butler

Step up to Common Ground

My Friend Rhonda and I have known each other since seventh grade homeroom. If you need a measure, that’s almost 40 years. There are few who have traveled so far with me, not many who know my story better…and no one who could be more my opposite. Rhonda and I stand pretty firmly at opposing […]


Having recently fallen apart myself, I reeked of paper and pencil dust when I told him there were days I was still surprised to find legs carrying me to the mailbox. His doctor told him to seek solace, connect with friends. Mine said simply: “Breathe” I’d been blessed to locate a lung without the heart […]

the slow migration of love

She tells me there is no escape from this. It’s in my genes. And while she goes on about brains and chemistry and the natural proclivity of species to procreate, I wonder… Do birds redefine the space between wings to accommodate a change in flight so late in the season? Do bees make sacrifices in […]