Pilgrimage: Walden Pond

Such is a pilgrimage to Walden... in which we take time to note the formation of clouds, marvel at the patterns of sunlight, witness the subtleties of color and contrast, adjust our depth perception, consider the craft of balance, imagine the space of simplicity, find inspiration... and love.   Thanks Melissa and Jon for a wonderful day! Photos ©2015,... Continue Reading →

At My Funeral

When I die… Do not read Psalms 23. (When the priest asked what he should read at my father’s funeral, it was the only thing I remembered, but found no comfort from it.) I always think we should have played Three Dog Night’s Joy to the World. Dad would have liked that. So sing! Go... Continue Reading →

To Actually Be Present

A friend and I were talking over lunch last week about life and health, work and family. “Best to make the most of it,” I said. “You could get hit by a bus tomorrow,” she added with a smirk. We do smirk when we say that, don’t we? As it leaves our lips, it seems... Continue Reading →


A phone call this week took me askew, suggesting I reconsider my direction. I was dizzy for a minute and kept walking. A decision this week took me askew, suggesting I rethink the thinking I’d already thought. I was slowed but did not falter. ”When I go out of the house for a walk, uncertain... Continue Reading →

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