A Good Year for Books

It was a good year for books. Book writing, book publishing…book reading. Thanks to the incentive of the Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge, I read 32 book this past year — the highest total I can recall since my days as a tome-weary English major! Apparently, I am not alone…in 2014, the Goodreads Reading Challenge had 678,678 participants […]

2014: GO!

If you talk to me this time of year, or read my blog posts, you would think I am super zealous about New Year’s Resolutions. That I have an endless list of self-improvement tasks to make me a better human being. And while I do select one thing I would like to accomplish each year… […]

hope is the thing with feathers

You may recall, a while ago, I wrote about how I created a vision board, how a quote founds its way into my sightline… You’ve got to jump off cliffs
 all the time and build
 your wings on the way down. …and how suddenly, feathers were appearing at every step. Feathers continue to appear — […]

The Bedroom Bookshelf

Put Something In by Shel Silverstein Draw a crazy picture, Write a nutty poem,
 Sing a mumble-gumble song,
 Whistle through your comb. 
Do a loony-goony dance 
 ‘Cross the kitchen floor, Put something silly in the world That ain’t been there before. Shel Silverstein’s classic book A Light in the Attic was published in 1981, […]

Read More: Life Is Full of Sweet Spots

Life Is Full of Sweet Spots: An Exploration of Joy by Mary O’Connor GOODREADS SAYS: Explore and connect with the niches and nuances of the earth, the sea and sky, our bodies, minds and souls — the places where joy resides. Come away with new understanding of life and how its beauty and powers make us […]