She wonders if he remembers the night he found that cat. Left to fend for itself in the winter woods, it died by the trail — as if it waited for someone to come back. Collar with its name, no address or phone. Alone. He carried it to the vet, along with his warped sense... Continue Reading →


[100-word fiction] In Nashville, she bought a rock star coat — black leather with sequin-flowered sleeves and a rhinestone, mid-calf hem. In the dressing room, she laughed — it was a perfect fit. "I'd never wear it," she told the saleswoman. "Back home, we're all L.L. Bean and Talbots." She bought it anyway and hung... Continue Reading →

Canal Street Epiphany

Maddy and I were shopping on Canal Street in New York City. My polite “No thank you” replies to the onslaught of “Tiffany! Tiffany! You buy?” catcalls clearly indicated my novicity. Thirteen blocks of brand-name idolatry was her pilgrimage, but I didn’t see any religious icons in the dimly lit backroom we entered solemnly. Behind... Continue Reading →

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