Kiss Feeding

Before I knew, I knew to fear your leaving. Premasticated, fed spoonfuls of fear, and braced for your betrayal. Even fledgling romance carried fear of loss so heavy I fell to early demise, and reinforced her warning that I would surely drown. How can I swim with you, love, if my wings have been clipped... Continue Reading →

Invention of Monsters

how does fear manifest itself for you —  does it keep you from doing what you love? from doing your best? from putting yourself out in the world? does your fear keep you clinging to things which serve no purpose? which offer false security? which are familiar but fatal? does your fear demand that you... Continue Reading →

When It Comes Around Again

It was one of my first major life lessons, from one of my first mentors. Her name was Janet, and she said to me: “The Universe is trying to teach you something.” At the time, I was caught in a vortex of situations that were all very similar in nature. People were unhappy, people were... Continue Reading →

France on Fridays: C’est La Vie

LES DEUX AMIS EN FRANCE Such is Life • Wednesday, May 31 The weeks leading up to le grand voyage were a whirlwind — the kind that comes with the anticipation of leaving one life behind in order to discover another. But the usual excitement of vacation’s adventure was buried somewhere under all of the... Continue Reading →

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