Standing on Common Ground

J. Krishnamurti and I have gingerly stepped around each other for more than 10 years, since my friend and mentor Dale Carlson began writing about him in her series of psychology and philosophy books for teens. For many of those 10 years, I found Krishnamurti to be too esoteric for me. I understood his words,... Continue Reading →

With Eyes Cast Down

“In silence, oneness with everything is possible….” — Dale Carlson My mind was busy as I walked to the trail. It was one of those days. Should I go left? Should I go right? I am always indecisive when my mind is occupied otherwise. On this day, I went right—instead of left—and found my way... Continue Reading →

A Meditation on Bugs

A wicked storm blew through Connecticut today. While there was tornado-like damage to the west, we survived with a brief but torrential downpour and some hardy wind gusts. As it passed, the August-like heat of the day subsided just enough that it seemed like a good time for a walk. But I forgot about the... Continue Reading →

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