Life is Good?

At 4:30 on Tuesday, I stole out of the local package store with a bottle of wine in a paper sack and a lottery ticket. While it’s not quite as seedy as it sounds — leftover Fettuccine Bolognese demanded a nice Merlot, and friend and I are scheming a great escape — I still found... Continue Reading →

When It Comes Around Again

It was one of my first major life lessons, from one of my first mentors. Her name was Janet, and she said to me: “The Universe is trying to teach you something.” At the time, I was caught in a vortex of situations that were all very similar in nature. People were unhappy, people were... Continue Reading →

Time for a Walk

As soon as the khaki-colored humvee careened over the side of the cliff and exploded into flames, I knew I needed to get myself out for a walk. I knew it even before I woke up! My brain, in its technicolor replay of movies I don’t ever let myself watch, was communicating loud and clear.... Continue Reading →

The Food We’re Eating

In response to the news that Burger King was planning to implement a home delivery service, a local online website, Patch, asked the question “Would You Use Home Delivery From Burger King?” I was shocked to see that 50% of the people who responded said yes! It was the same reaction I had last week... Continue Reading →


So, here we are, troops. Nineteen days into the new year and it still feels like the old year. Somehow, in my resolve not to resolve, and despite my stealth pass at New Year’s intentions, I’ve been subverted. My intent is AWOL. Maybe that’s a good thing? Maybe it means I’m pacified. Not needing to... Continue Reading →

And so it comes…

We were heading into the big one — you know, NEW YEAR’S EVE. As big and as full of anticipation as Valentine’s Day. For some. For others, it’s a Holiday, filled with the expectation of traditions: great food, champagne, horns and hats, midnight, Dick Clark. And for others, it’s a time to reflect quietly —... Continue Reading →


Expectations. The word keeps coming up. Before Christmas. Before New Year's. After New Year's. Given that, this seemed a fitting reprint from 2008. I thought it would be different. There are a number of people traveling to Austin on the 6:20 flight this morning, more than I imagined as I drove through Hartford at four... Continue Reading →

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