Great Cape Escape II: Hope for Whales

I have never liked the term “Bucket List.” It makes me feel old and out of time. So when I heard a Honda commercial refer to “Leap List,” I knew that was a concept I could buy into! It’s got a much better energy about it, don’t you think? According to the Urban Dictionary, a […]

Great Cape Escape II: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

When people ask about my hometown or where I’m from, I rarely mention the Connecticut town I grew up in or the Pennsylvania hometown of my parents that felt like mine, too. The “where everybody knows your name” of my life is Branford now, and has been for the past 22 years. And then there’s […]

Great Cape Escape II: Words Like Abundance

The moment I let go of it was the moment I got more than I could handle the moment I jumped off of it was the moment I touched down — Alanis Morissett It started simply enough: a few shells collected on the first day set down next to some small reminders to meditate. And […]

Great Cape Escape II: A Journal of Days

Sunday Markers in the harbor note to where you must return—and so I am returning to this familiar expanse of beach…to this beautiful gift of days…to myself. Monday At dawn, I walk the beach; at 2, I practice yoga; at 9, there is space to meditate. Trifecta! Tuesday Rain arrives and stays for a while, […]

Great Cape Escape II

“Oh Heavenly day All the clouds blew away Got no trouble today With anyone…” — Oh Heavenly Day, Patty Griffin There was a blessing in the air as I arranged the last bag in the back seat and shut the car door firmly. A cool morning, the sun shining, and a prayer on the lips […]

Flexible Flyer

Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you.…All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly. – – – – – We call him Pappous, or Nicholas. He and my mother became fast friends five years ago while neighbors at the their […]


Like my breath in yoga, I am both expanding and contracting today. Full inhales of breath open me up and stretch me farther. Deep exhales draw me inside, grounded. A desire to set my writing out into the world has me reaching, taking bolder steps. Stating my intentions clearly and with full purpose like full […]