Sacred Space

Thought for the day…courtesy of calligrapher extraordinaire Pamela LaRegina. Click here to see more of her work.

Just to Be

  Every morning, I am blessed with a gift of calligraphy arriving by email from my friend and neighbor Pamela La Regina. Each is more stunning than the last, but this morning’s art was one I thought you would all appreciate! For more, please be sure to visit Pamela’s website: ©2012, Pamela La Regina.

Păpăruda Rain Maker

Click here to watch and listen to a traditional Păpăruda ceremony. A rough translation of the chant they sing might be: Păpăruda, our relative, come make rain. Make the rain pour, fall over our lands, overflow our buckets. You who gives us food and grows our crops, make the water flow. We dance for you. […]