Blue Moon

I first heard the song while driving on the Boston Expressway; the green juggernaut, pre-tunnel, that careened around the backside of the city through Chinatown past Faneuil Hall and across the Charles. Flying over city rooftops, with the window down, it was sometime around 4 a.m., 1991. I remember it viscerally — the cool air,... Continue Reading →

Boston Angel

Several of you wondered about the lovely angel statue from last week’s post Angel Spotted, so I though I would track down some additional information. She is quite magical, isn’t she? The statue, made of bronze and granite, is known by several names, including The Spirit of Giving, The Angel of the Waters, and the... Continue Reading →

Boston: O Happy Town Beside the Sea

A Classic Day in Boston, MA George Washington statue, Boston Public Gardens Swan Boats at the Public Gardens Feeding the Ducks at the Public Gardens Beacon Street EarthFest Concert at the Hatch Shell on Boston's Esplanade Sail boats on the Charles River Meeting Red Sox player Jim Rice Quincy Market at Sunset • • •... Continue Reading →

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