*brought to you by the letter F

• • • If a frog comes into your life, it may mean you need to call forth new rains to cleanse old energy or old ways. The frog is a totem of metamorphosis, and always has connection to the creative force from which it came. — Ted Andrews, Animal-Speak • • • Photos ©2011, […]

When Opportunity…Slithers?

“Let’s see what it means,” my friend Martha would have said before promptly pulling out her copy of Ted Andrews’ Animal-Speak. But she wasn’t with me, and… “Oh my!” was about all I could muster when I spotted this gorgeous three-foot black snake on the trail in front of me. If my amateur snake identification […]

At the Right Time

“I don’t really believe in coincidences. Things happen for a reason,” a friend emailed this week. “What that reason is I am not sure. But I have faith. For example…our friendship. You and I have not met by chance. It was set up deliberately. All of the stars aligned and here we are emailing and […]

When Magic Has Its Say

Clearing my head this day is like clearing a thicket of brambles and branches. My thoughts have attached themselves to me like burrs, and it is too cold to stop and try to pull them off. So we walk along the frozen path together. It is quiet in the woods now. Except for the still-suspended […]

Swimming with Dolphin

Last night I dreamed of dolphins. Then one. One dolphin. He was in a large pool in a store or a zoo or a mall. My cats, Crystal and Emily, were there. We were shopping. And then I was swimming with the dolphin. As I slept soundly, curled around Crystal’s warm little body, I felt […]