In which Alice falls and we wonder…

Could she ever imagine this Adventure? In those love-dormant dreams, could she fathom what would become of her lost little heart waiting for the likes of him to take her someplace different? Did she stare into that Looking Glass in shock and disbelief, the whisper of wings at her back. Were they flying pigs or... Continue Reading →

In Which Alice Returns

Hard as she tried, she could no longer hear the waves, and the light from the Captain’s house was missing. The four ravens had ended their conversation, and she was sure, if she looked, there would be no seals. Photo & Words ©2014, Jen Payne

Dear Alice…

Oh Alice. There are some who would call us lewd, my kindred, for our admiration of these dome-capped sentinels, our arduous prostrations somehow deviant (or provocative). Oh Alice. Still others will point to dear Lewis’ penchant for their psychotropic disposition as reason for your very existence, and for my own fascination here, too. Oh Alice.... Continue Reading →

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