Feeding Ladybugs and Other Love Stories

Ann reaches across her lover and pulls the curtain back. The early-spring sun caresses her arm as she investigates the polka-dots. “Ladybugs!” she sings, like a little girl discovering something for the first time. She can be that way with him — child-like and silly. For the first time in a long time, she feels… Continue reading Feeding Ladybugs and Other Love Stories

With Gratitude

Last night, I attended a workshop called “Treasure Mapping Your Goals” with a good friend of mine. “It is important,” said the presenter, Lisa Lelas, “to reconnect with your passions.” To quizzical looks, she continued, “Think back to when you were 12. You are your most authentic self when you are 12,” she told us.… Continue reading With Gratitude


“Sometimes you can only do one thing at a time,” a friend reassured me when I explained my recent creative hiatus. I spent the last six months quitting smoking — that was my “one thing.” But somewhere in the recesses of my nicotine-free brain there have been whispers. gotta write. gotta create. gotta get going.… Continue reading Gotta!