I am looking for confluences this morning. Some magical firing of creative synapses that will say “take this and make it into this!” The second “this” being something interesting or witty or thoughtful to add to this blog. I have been looking for confluences like a child looking for colored treasures on Easter morning –… Continue reading Confluences

Compelled to Create

Inspiration is an intangible yet inseparable part of the creative process. Nearly all creative possibilities are related to the muses that inspire us. The ancient Greeks believed that all creation, whether artistic or scientific in nature, was motivated by goddesses who served as the literal embodiment of inspiration. These were the Muses — the givers… Continue reading Compelled to Create

Feeding Ladybugs and Other Love Stories

Ann reaches across her lover and pulls the curtain back. The early-spring sun caresses her arm as she investigates the polka-dots. “Ladybugs!” she sings, like a little girl discovering something for the first time. She can be that way with him — child-like and silly. For the first time in a long time, she feels… Continue reading Feeding Ladybugs and Other Love Stories

With Gratitude

Last night, I attended a workshop called “Treasure Mapping Your Goals” with a good friend of mine. “It is important,” said the presenter, Lisa Lelas, “to reconnect with your passions.” To quizzical looks, she continued, “Think back to when you were 12. You are your most authentic self when you are 12,” she told us.… Continue reading With Gratitude