Asking for Directions: Part 1

When I was young I would pray for silly things: that I could stay up late to watch TV, that we would have pancakes for breakfast. I also prayed a lot for boys—make him love me, make him not leave. I prayed for world peace, because that’s what you did. And I prayed for my… Continue reading Asking for Directions: Part 1

The Gee Why Em

“Something’s wrong,” I said to a friend of mine, as I stared, slightly bemused, at my computer screen. I was going away for the weekend, and researching the hotel online. “Oh no, what?!?” she asked dramatically, looking around for whatever had just fallen out of alignment. “The first thing I thought was They have a… Continue reading The Gee Why Em

This just in.

Emailing a friend this morning, exchanging thoughts on writing being published being an artist death, bad poetry and confidence. Big steps. Baby steps. Steps in…oops. “I don’t know what the next step is,” I confess. “Next steps seem to take care of themselves better if nobody watches them too closely,” he reassures me. He always… Continue reading This just in.