Wander, Dabble, Putter

“I never wanted butterflies pinned to a board; I’m looking for a poetic ecology, to observe myself in different worlds…no other chronology than that of the heart, no other schedule than that of unplanned encounters, the true ones.” – Julio Cortázar, Save Twilight – – – – – Recently, in her blog Something She Wrote,… Continue reading Wander, Dabble, Putter

Remembering George N. Parks

I was 18 and about to embark on my greatest adventure: college. Not just any college, mind you, but the University of Massachusetts—a city-size university with more students than the entire population of my hometown! My parents and I—my parents more so, as I would have been content to stay home and marry my high… Continue reading Remembering George N. Parks

Swept Away by a Poem

To Be Read In The Interrogative by Julio Cortázar Have you seen have you truly seen the snow the stars the felt steps of the breeze Have you touched really have you touched the plate the bread the face of that woman you love so much Have you lived like a blow to the head… Continue reading Swept Away by a Poem

Asking for Directions: Part 2

“Where do you want me to go? What do you want me to do next?” I ask the Universe. “Stop being afraid and shut up,” She tells me. It’s “shut up” in a kind way, don’t get me wrong. (She sounds Yiddish, actually.) And I know what She means. Even I get tired of the… Continue reading Asking for Directions: Part 2

Asking for Directions: Part 1

When I was young I would pray for silly things: that I could stay up late to watch TV, that we would have pancakes for breakfast. I also prayed a lot for boys—make him love me, make him not leave. I prayed for world peace, because that’s what you did. And I prayed for my… Continue reading Asking for Directions: Part 1