anyway the wind blows

“Everything matters more than we think it does, and, at the same time, nothing matters so much as we think it does. The merest spark may set all Europe in a blaze, but though all Europe be set in a blaze twenty times over, the world will wag itself right again.” — Samuel Butler

Cape Included

I am coveting
her red and purple cape
the fun parade of stars
and stripes
it has stripes!
and a matching hat!
with golden wings!
for flying
(or angelic inspiration?)
I want to be like her
“super awesome”
able to leap tall buildings
conquer the fear
the doubt
the worry

the general day-to-day

we should all come with capes!

Poem ©2017, Jen Payne. National Poetry Month, 6. Image of Flying Super Hero Costume used with permission from Lane Huerta of lovelane designs. For more super awesome designs, visit her Etsy shop HERE.