Meeting a Mouse: A 100-Word Story

This morning at 4, a tiny gray mouse looked up at me, somewhat frightened, and said “I-I-I think I took a wrong turn. I-I-I was supposed to go left but I went right and wha-wha-what is that orange creature scowling at me through the window?” “Shhhhh. It’s OK,” I whispered. “Please don’t be scared. Just turn around slowly and go back the way you came. That’s always best when you get a bit lost. Look for something familiar and hold on a while, take a nap, then try again when you’re back to feeling brave. It always works for me.”

©2023, Jen Payne. Image from Beatrix Potter: The Picture Letters, Cotsen Children’s Library, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections , Princeton University Library

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