MANIFEST (zine): Refuge, A Quarantine Zine

Three Chairs Publishing

Thisspecial “quarantine zine” features the words and images and thoughts within which we found REFUGE last year. The literal and figurative reflections, the comforting quotes and laugh-out-loud memes that kept us breathing all those long months, and helped us regain our sea legs when it seemed like the worst was behind us. Includes a full color, 36-page booklet, fun inserts, a curated Spotify playlist, and more!

OTHER INGREDIENTS: acrylic paints, appropriation art, collaged elements, color copies, color scans, colored markers, Dymo labels, ephemera, essays, Golden gel medium, hand-drawn fonts, ink jet copies, laser prints, mixed-media collage, original photographs, pigment inks, poetry, rubber stamp art, and watercolor paint. With thanks to Lola, Jou Bush, the Red Cross, Lindsey Antin, Greater Good Magazine, Malene Thyssen, Emily Dickinson and the Emily Dickinson Museum, George Tooker, Pexels, Friends & Company Restaurant, Madison, CT, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Dorney Park, Rainer Maria Rilke, Elena Mikhalkava…

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