MANIFEST (zine): Water

Three Chairs Publishing

The water and its shoreline has been home to all of the creative people you are about to meet in this issue of MANIFEST [zine]. The theme – Water – was inspired by the release of Water Under the Bridge: A Sort-of Love Story by Jen Payne, and is a collaborative effort featuring work by friends and fellow creative spirits Tara Buckley, Joy Bush, Jimine Camille, Anne Coffey, Juliana Harris, Rhonda Longo, Nancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely, Kristin Merrill, Mary O’Connor, and Laurel Valli. Read more about these folks below.

This issue of MANIFEST (zine) includes a full color, 24-page booklet, inserts, and a curated, collaborative Spotify playlist.

INGREDIENTS: acrylic paints,collage, color copies, color scans, cut paper, driftwood, freshwater pearl, gold leaf, gold wire, haiku, hand-drawn fonts, handmade paper, illustrations, love, memory, paints, photography, poetry, ribbon, rubber stamp art, sea glass, Swarovski crystals, and vintage photos. With Special thanks to the contributors…

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