Chaos Theory

A woman takes a knee by the side of the road thinks: “Surely the Mourning Cloak I spied this morning is mourning. Having surveyed our condition from its higher vantage point, it must wonder, as I do, if the storm that fell so many trees, that destroyed this holy place, did so on purpose. Barring us from passage. Asking us who we think we are, as Frost wrote, insisting always on our own way so. Our own way. God help us. Who DO we think we are…littering these open spaces with our trash, leaving our detritus and dog shit behind? Dragging our noisy selves and our machineries along paths as if we have some lofty right? Infesting the woods with our toxic nature, our assumed religions, our fabricated joy? Infesting the world with our opinions, our politics, our petty, pathetic proclivities? Insisting on our own way and ever ignorant of the ripple effect, the consequences?”

A woman takes a knee by the side of the road —  butterfly, startled, flies away, a world away a world dies — and we think she is praying.

10 replies on “Chaos Theory”

Hidden goals…we have too many and not enough, and the critical ones get no traction in the wake of our human nonsense. I think nature knows we’re on a self-destruct course. Not to sound like a doomsdayer or anything…I feel I am more pragmatic than that…but we have clearly overstayed our welcome.

Yes and no. On a personal level, I have leaned up against this quote often. Like a challenge from the poet himself to get out of my own way and keep pushing forward no matter the challenges in the road. On a bigger picture, human level I really WANT to believe the same thing is true…that we can push through and move beyond our current obstacles. Sadly, I have more and more evidence that pushing thru may never be possible. Collectively speaking.

George Carlin – “…the planet is fine, it’s the people that are fucked…just another failed mutation…an evolutionary cul de sac…the planet will shake us off like a bad case of fleas…a surface nuisance…the planet will be here long, long, long, after we are gone…we are part of the Big Electron…it doesn’t judge, it just Is…like we are…at least for a little while.”

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