A Good New Year

Hi. It’s Jen again. Coming to you here at the end of another year all ramped up for resolutions and intentions and manifesting…NOT.

Did I tell you the story about my 2021 Vision Board? The one on which I pinned a photo of a roller coaster? OK, Universe, I meant “Try Exhilarating Fun Things” not the roller coaster that was the past 12 months. Seriously.

And about that 2021 word? EXPANSIVE? Nope. 2021 found me contracting and happily hiding behind the anonymity of COVID. You know: face masks, social distancing, and the like.

Granted, the Vision Board wasn’t a complete bust. I excelled at resting, for example. I began and maintained a twice daily meditation practice. I spoke my peace more, let go of more, and played more. And at the end of every day I was grateful for however it had unfolded.

But despite all of that, I am resistant to go through the process of Vision Boarding again. It sounds like a form of torture, doesn’t it? Especially here at the end of or beginning of another unpredictable pandemic year. Talk about roller coasters.

What? You mean no New Year’s Resolutions? No list of intentions? No lofty goals? Yes…and no. I have some great ideas, sure, but I’m also pretty happy with things just as they are right here in this moment.

I suspect my final two Amazon purchases of 2021 speak more to my intentions for the new year than any Vision Board ever could. So I’ll leave you with those for the time being, with wishes for a GOOD, CLEAN (and Healthy) 2022.

With love,


2 replies on “A Good New Year”

I did a bingo board layout with 25 blocks of what I hoped to do in 2021. None of the travel ones happened. But I did try a new food each month, did monthly charity gifts, 7 help a friend days and such that suited the way the world was. Going to do another one this year🙃

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