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What the World Needs Now is a Little Freddie Mercury


I’ve seen this video before…have you?…60,000 fans at a Green Day concert in London erupt into a spontaneous and enthusiastic rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. I get a little teary-eyed, truth be told. Maybe you will, too.

Because this isn’t just a bunch of rock fans and groupies singing a song. This is a sea of humanity — the yous and mes, the reds and blues, the this sides and that sides — joining together in a shared experience of JOY and HARMONY.

Indeed, what the world needs now is a little Freddie Mercury, don’t cha think?

2 replies on “What the World Needs Now is a Little Freddie Mercury”

I think Freddie had a beautiful soul, and he could bring people together, like no one else it was pure love for this man. Yes we absolutely need Freddie. He will never die his spirit is very much alive.

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