Manifest This!

Part artist book, part chapbook, MANIFEST (zine) is the creation of writer / poet / artist Jen Payne. Consider it a hold-in-your-hands art installation featuring Jen’s writing and mixed-media collage work, along with photography, quotes, and bits and pieces of whatnot that rise to the surface as she meditates on a theme.

Layered with colors, textures, and meanings, each issue is handmade then color-copied, embellished, and intricately folded. The result is a thought-full, tactile journey with nooks and crannies for you to discover along the way.

Issue #1, DIVINE INTERVENTION asks the reader to consider the catalysts and consequences of Change: What are the forces that move us? Change us? Propel us with such acceleration that we hardly recognize ourselves?

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July 2020
Divine Intervention



Annual, 2020
2 issues

2 issues, 2020
plus a special gift

Processed through Words by Jen

2 thoughts on “Manifest This!

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  1. zines remind me of my teenage years trying to find someone with access to a photocopier, who would run off 100 pages secretly and for free so we could make a zine to sell to our friends. I had no idea that they were back and so big. I will have to investigate further…

    1. I used to sneak computer time at my day job so I could design my first zine. I think they even let me make copies. I feel like everything I’ve done since then has been so serious…this one, not so much. Yes, yes, go investigate and have fun! : )

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