Weighing My Options


I have to go to the Post Office this morning. I have a package that needs to be weighed. Is it prudent to go in the middle of the pandemic, or should I use precious dollars to purchase a postal scale to weigh things at home? Funny, it’s the second time I thought of purchasing a scale this week — this morning, and this past weekend while I measured out flour and sugar for a cake. I rarely think of buying scales — never the masochistic bathroom kind, not the Great British Bake-Off kind, and rarely the postal kind. It’s true, I once balanced a quarter on a ruler and pencil to weigh an envelope — but mostly I prefer to visit the Post Office. I like how it smells — paper, ink, diesel, a lingering cologne or perfume. But you can’t smell through a bandana mask, and the faces of my familiar and favorite postal workers just aren’t the same behind plexiglass, though they try really hard. We’re all trying really hard.

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