Cape Cod Sunrise, Almost

The sun’s gone missing, darling,

and you, two thousand miles away right now,

are missing too

and yet there we are

walking that Gulf Coast beach

pitch dark, single file, you in the lead

as always

pulling me along

as we giggle stumble across the shell-full sand

that one angel feather
……..that stabs itself between my toes

before we find a place

to lay down our blanket,
……..sip hot coffee,

knee against knee and

arm against arm

like sisters

quiet and waiting

waiting for the start of a day
……..that never comes, save for

gray against gray and

pearl against pearl

until we make our way back

holding hands and laughing at the folly


For D, xoxo. Photo ©2019, Jen Payne. For more poems about life reflected in nature, please purchase a copy of my new book WAITING OUT THE STORM. Click here for details.

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