This Anniversary: A Celebration of 9

In Chinese culture, 9 is a most auspicious number. It represents wealth, accomplishment, and attaining personal goals — like the 9-year run of this blog, Random Acts of Writing!

Nine is also an important number in the Chinese practice of feng shui — the ancient art related to the flow of energy (qi or chi) — because it signifies the fullness of heaven and earth. Illustrated in the 9-square feng shui bagua map, that fullness of positive energy includes the varied aspects of our lives, from love and abundance, to well-being and creativity.

Feng shui has a special place in my heart — it changed my life, after all. And it’s what, in a meandering sort of way, inspired the creation of Random Acts of Writing back in 2010.

So, it seems somehow appropriate to use the nine baguas to share some of my favorite posts over the past 9 years.

Great Cape Escape II: Words Like Abundance, May 2013

Moments of and Brushes with Fame, August 2012

At Every Moment, Angels, August 2014

Food for Thought Friday: Shoofly Pie, June 2010

Open Heart, May 2015

Take Two: A Creative Life Redux, April 2011

A Journey’s Final Reckoning, January 2016

WOW! Women on Writing Interviews Jen Payne, November 2017

Thanks Giving, January 2019

The number 9 is considered a good number in Chinese culture because it sounds the same as the word “long-lasting,” and it is often associated with dragons and magic.

There is certain magic to all of this, as the longevity of the original intentions to write and create (Gotta, March 13, 2010) undulates like a dragon’s tail across the weeks and months.

How lucky am I to find regular inspiration, to sit with the practice of creating, and to make this on-going connection between this and you! It is most auspicious indeed, and I am blessed.

Thank you for following along and being part of the on-going magic!


Nine, photo ©2019, Jen Payne. Bagua collage ©Jen Payne. Photo, Nine dragons. Location, Chinese garden, the Hidden Realm of Ming in the Hortus Haren in the Netherlands, by Dominicus Johannes Bergsma. Click here to read more about dragons because…why not?.


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