My cat is chasing ghosts this morning

whisps of shadows and what she thinks she sees

upon which she pounces spasmodically

or watches with an apt curiosity until bored

or distracted by other thoughts she stops

for a little while anyhow…she seems at it again now…

there’s a hint in the corner by the bookcase.

We’re the same, she and I, aren’t we?

Mouser she and writer me chasing, chasing, chasing.

Poem ©2018, Jen Payne. Image: Kitten with Butterfly, Xu Beihong

3 thoughts on “Chasing

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  1. …While my Sherlock is enamoured of the shopping list springing unannounced from the wi-fi printer. Oh, to be so easily satisfied. If we only stop chasing all that is important comes to us unbiden!

    1. Oh how very true. This weekend, on a boat in the marsh: egrets, smooth water, soft cool breeze – and me, thinking: this should be enough.

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