Dear World, we’re sorry and we hope you’ll endure these days with us.

“We want you to know that this is not who we are. It may be who this man is. It may be who those sharing power with him are. It may even be the tens of millions who originally voted for him…. But this is not America. It is not the steady, strong beacon of freedom that it was intended to be. It is not the America our people have fought and died for. It is not the one first formed in the crucible of oppression and cast into the words of our ever-disregarded Constitution. This is not our America. Our America affirms the inherent, priceless beauty of every human being. Our America declares that no person is ascribed less value because of their skin color, religion, gender, financial means, sexual orientation, nation of origin, or any other variable. Our America is home for those seeking hope and joy and rest.” – John Pavlovitz

Dear World, From America
by John Pavlovitz

IMAGE: Flag, Jasper Johns, as seen at MOMA, January 2017.

7 Responses

  1. karenrsanderson

    Thank you for writing this. My emotions have been so all-over-the-place I can hardly put a sentence together. And I’m a writer! I’m so sad for our U.S.A.

  2. You might want to do some research on Ellis Island and it’s purpose. There has always been a way to come into this country legally but there were still background and medical checks and so on. We didn’t just open the borders and say come on in and now Trump slammed it shut. He is making sure we get back to the way it is supposed to be. So when you say “This is not who we are”, I’ll have to challenge you. I know there are some sad stories that would even pull at my heartstrings but the fact remains we can not fix the world’s problems by bringing everyone here.

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