2017: Do Right! Do Good!

Do right! and thou hast naught to fear; right hath a power that makes thee strong; the night is dark, but light is near; The grief is short, the joy is long. – Thomas Cogswell Upham

portrait17In November, I drew a picture of a giant cardboard box – big enough for me to comfortably fit inside. I also Googled “how to become a monk.” (I kid you not.)

Since the election’s vile rhetoric and result, I have shuffled between hopeless ennui and simmering rage, between forlorn perplexity and grasps for faith in our collective humanity.

Slowly – very slowly – I am coming to terms with our new reality. Tiny fragments of hope find their way to my consciousness. Old souls who have traveled this path before speak to me in whispers: do right! do good!

I take comfort in the understanding that it is not the politicians who make us better, but the “inventors, engineers, scientists, teachers, artists, builders, philosophers, healers, and people that choose love over hate,” as artist Don Freeman said.

It has become my call to arms, actually. The fulcrum for my What Comes Next.

To get there, though, to BE in that place of hope and determination, of good work and good effort, we need to look for the positive. With that in mind, and with much thanks to Future Crunch and Rob Brezsny of Free Will Astrology, I offer you this wonderful list as a way to wish you strength, hope, light and joy in the NEW YEAR ahead.




Photo ©2016, Jen Payne. Sunrise at Grand Tetons National Park. 99 REASONS courtesy of Future Crunch, a website dedicated to “awe-inspiring stories from around the world that you probably didn’t hear about.” Click here to read more information. http://www.futurecrunch.com.au/blog/

4 thoughts on “2017: Do Right! Do Good!

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  1. This helps mea lot, Jen. Thank you. I put it in a doc so I can mediate on a few accomplishments each day.

    BTW, I can help you become a monk if you decide
    I was a monkess for 20 yrs.😊

  2. wow – i’m gonna have to come back and read all 99… but i love the fact that every single one of them is sourced! i agree (my blog today had a similar theme – make the world a better place) happy new year, Jen!

    1. I’ve been saying “do good right here” for years now. It seems more important NOW more than ever. Happy New Year to you, too!

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